Transforming Business
by growing People.

We are on a mission to enable leaders and their organisations to overcome their challenges from higher states of consciousness while evolving towards the upper levels of their human potential.

In Short:

Transformation, humanized.

A European Transformation Collective.

about growth positive

Irrelevance happens when the speed of change outside an organisation is greater than inside. In order to stay relevant in this complex everchanging world we must upgrade our mindsets and organisational operating systems to become more complexity conscious and people positive - Not only investing in digital technologies.

To inspire and facilitate this MINDSHIFT
in business we founded GROWTH POSITIVE

As a European Transformation Collective we shift leaders‘ minds „from survive to thrive“ unleashing the human capacity and creative potential in their organisations.

We gain this by working at the intersection of the latest results of neuroscience, vertical adult development and the power of flow. We are committed to support a better evolved economy - as a powerful force of good - to leave a better trace and co-create a more conscious society.

Inside Out: We do not only shift post it´s but Upgrade Mindsets enabling them to become Self Transforming Leaders mastering their transition from inside out.
From Survive to Thrive: We map and taylormade their journey with our „thrive-blueprint“ at the intersection of neuro- and behavioral sciences, adult development and transformational technologies.
De-Code: We decode and recode the cultural autopilot with real experiments and learning communities to advance towards a shared purpose attracting more loyal employees and customers.
Show, don’t tell: We do not talk about change, we envision and embody it in safe and immersive settings from a higher state of consciousness - using the power of „Flow“.
European Collective: Our superpower is to curate a team of masters matching our clients context - with the great resource of our European Transformation Collective with masterful facilitators, mindset coaches, executive counselors having a combined with experience of over 1000 projects.

Work with us.

Master your transformational challenges and
unlock your positive growth potential by

Leading more self aware from an inner authority

Authentically inspiring your people to change & grow from within

Re-coding your cultural autopilot to thrive

Advancing towards a shared purpose guided by values

Accessing the next level of performance, focus and wellbeing

Co-Creating a new narrative while leaving a better trace

How to work with us

Some of our popular consulting-, coaching- and training formats for CEO’s, executive teams, leaders and their teams, entrepreneurs, innovators and heads of HR & strategy are:

Mindset Coaching

Initiate the MINDSHIFT

How to upgrade your leadership mindset - from ‘survive’ to ‘thrive’

A keynote or a one-day-workshop inspiring & refreshing you and your team to become a Next Generation Leader with a “self transforming mind”. In co-creation we are adding new perspectives and latest insights from neurosciences that help you lead with an inner compass and make more sense in this exponential world.

Leadership Development

Becoming an INSPIRED CEO

How to become a self transforming leader playing the infinite game

An intimate one-on-one coaching and ‘leadership development journey’ for CEO`s and leaders to identify your biggest challenges and reframe them into growth opportunities. By upgrading your mindset you will gradually become the best version of yourself courageously inspiring your employees.

High Performance Training


How to access the power of flow to live and lead from a optimal state of mind

In a 1 - 2 days Immersion followed by an online coaching and training frameworks we train you who to easily trigger an altered state of consciousness. Being in “Flow” you effortlessly feel and perform at your best. You will also learn how to turn stress into productivity, heightened creativity and accelerated learning.

Leadership Development (Group)


How to let employees grow into self-responsible co-creators that adapt to complex environments

An experimental framework for individuals in teams to learn & grow. Manage to distribute leadership by empowering your people to develop more inner authority, curiosity, openness, meaning making and wellbeing - advancing to shared purpose and values.

More challenges we can help you with:


Decode your organisations autopilot and reconnecting your employees to your values advancing to a shared purpose with evidence based experiments...

THRIVE: Mastering your Transformation

Find and apply your organization's transformation code to unlock the leaders mindset, re engage and - focus your people fearless changing towards on your vision...


Tenfold your human capacity and leadership skills to make more sense out of chaos, surve on paradoxes and perform healthier under quantitative growth pressure...


Make your business model and leadership future ready for the next generation by playing with the family dynamics to unleash new creative potentials...

Special needs?
You find our full spectrum of offerings here:


A European Transformation Collective

We are a group of masters, innovators and conscious hackers from diverse transformational disciplines with combined experience of over 1000 projects committed to let you and your organisation thrive

the Collective

Leave a better trace.


This is for you, if...

... you want to become a purpose driven- and value guided leader enabling your organization's culture to thrive.

… you want to upgrade your mindsets unleashing your and your team's
peak performance with more wellbeing, floating more and steering less.

… you want to build a better business and see it as a force of good building a sustainable economy balancing purpose with profit. know that you cannot change people, but help them grow from within, finding more inner authority, meaning and significance in their work.

...Finally you want to be at the leading edge of this transformation being more interested in what you don‘t know, than what you already know.