Our Manifesto

Our mission is to inspire and facilitate
the next mindshift in business…

by decoding the secrets of human development, we help leaders to transform their employees and organisations to ...

...Elevate Minds.
...Connect Humans.
...Make Organizations Thrive.

we believe

The brand

The holy trinity necessary
to thrive….


Our BOTH/AND - philosophy

or the meta modern perspective
of infinitive growth….


Our 5% - „BILDUNGS“-Pledge

"Make yourself,
and then act on others by what you are"
A.v. Humboldt

We give 5% of our revenues to...


The MATRIX behind

We work multidisciplinary
based on holistic worldviews
from inside to outside….


We Believe

„humaness“ is core to transformation and progress, not technology.
The human development is endless and inevitable.
The work on and with yourself is the key to change myself, my connections and my environment.
Unlocking this creative potential is the greatest service to support meaningful growth.
So we help leaders and their companies to thrive because they have the biggest potential to change the world.
As architects of choice we all are passionate to make a positive impact by facilitating the next level of consciousness in business. Enabling leaders, employees and their organisation to THRIVE. It means BOTH: performing as best versions of themselves AND belonging to a purposeful culture, while successfully surfing in flow between bore out and burn out with more meaning and significance.
driving BUSINESS by thriving HUMANS

The Brand

A brand is a condensed expression of all peak performances and its logo should symbolize it. So our logo is an simple and elegant version of the 3 holy circles in a venn diagram which symbolise for us the core elements of literally everything:
The holy trinity of body, heart and mind.
Aristoteles full spectrum of world views with the truth, good and beautiful.
The full perspectival integration of the 1st person (I, intrapersonal), second person (WE, interpersonal, team) and third person (THEM, System, Organisation).
The three levels of the whole human brain: reptilian, limbic and neocortex.
Hegel's „Weltgeist“ Process of thesis, antithesis and synthesis.
The triangle of an integrated personal and organisational growth of extasis, catharsis and communitas.
It is also the smallest prime number which represents for us the the unreductionable uniqueness of every human and also the three legs of a stool which is the minimum to stay stable in the world while trying to reach the sky.
All three dimension are always multiply intertwingled and necessary to THRIVE.

The BOTH/AND - Philosophy
or the meta modern perspectives of infinitive growth

Real human growth means to transcend and include the former stages living. Not to repress or to fight the lower or older ones. We have it all and can play with it. Apply it State to task to reach our goaös or fulfill our purpose. We search higher non-ordinary states of „extasis“ to see and feel more and integrating it for climbing the ladder of development. As postconventional „architects of choice“ we open our lenses above the binary „either/or“ black and white thinking into and BOTH/AND-logic to accept and surve on paradoxes playing with them virtuously to transcend them and include them thriving to higher view. Some of the paradoxes we as human leaders or master of change have to surf on:
We want to peak perform as an individual and belong to a bigger social context
We need to feel safe before we are able to leave the place of safety
We have to lose our self centeredness, be empathetic with others and rise above it for the best solutions
We have to run a existing model and disrupt it at same time and still feel comfortable
We have to forget about flow before we can have flow
We work with the deep now to have future growth
Before we rise to greatness we have to go deep and die a little before
We decode the science of transformation and recode human growth but it will be always a kind of mystery
If we are confronted with to negative options, we choose a third
Finally as fully grown humans we will have a soft front, a strong back and wild at heart
You want to learn more about our philosophy by experiencing it?

Our 5% - „BILDUNGS“-Pledge

"Make yourself, and then act on others by what you are."
A.v. Humboldt
Like Alexander v. Humboldt, Wolfgang Goethe, Friedrich Schiller we are idealists who believe in the holistic idea of „Bildung“ based on the power of the autonomous individual human potential embedded in a cosmopolitan worldview: "To transform as much of the world into your own person as possible is life in the higher sense of the word." Alexander v. Humboldt said perfectly.
Additionally to our consulting work with professionals we want to give everyone access to the the tools and setting to become a full home grown human with more choice, compassion, inner compass, communicative ability and creativity. Thanks to our clients we can give 5% of our revenue to the Eskäret Foundation (www.ekskaretfoundation.com) of Tomas Björkman, to 29K.org, to „what is emerging“ or other NGOs around „Bildung“. They help and support kids, teenagers to find their inner compass and learn to flourish as full responsible humans.

The MATRIX behind

We work multidisciplinary based on sciences to offer serious proven advice. Based on Ken Wilber's integral AQAL (All Quadrants, All Levels) framework offering a possibility to act as a kind of motherboard to build on. It integrates inner, outer and the individual and collective perspectives of everything. It can hold any perspective, any state or stage and be filled with any science. We focus on humans, leaders, teams, organisations and the society by adapting Achim Feige in his book GOOD BUSINESS (murmann 2010) developed framework for companies and brands.
It offers us a good lens, why 70% of all business changes or transformations are failing. Because managers often focus only on the outside behavior to „be agile“or to re-structure to be lean and „customer centric“. They provide new techniques or hire start ups to tell how the new world looks like. The outer (upper right side) part of a leader or employees.

But change starts from within. From the beliefs, emotions, cognitive freedom. The change of a belief or a worldview is key for change. Therefore the mindset change or „upgrade“ comes first. It is the ability to see new perspectives, to cope with complexity, make more sense out of chaos and decide better under stress. (Upper left).
Nor they decode the hidden culture codes which run the autopilot of the company. For successful transformation you have to make the subconsciousness conscious, to objectify it to change it, find a new common language how to lead in an ever changing world. There is a old saying: Structure follows strategy and strategy is eaten by culture at breakfast. So where to start to transform and flourish? Start changing the culture by changing the mindset from within: You are what you think you could be. Research says the brain is like a muscle and rewires or learns our whole life based on experiences even if they are mentally created or based on an immersive sensual experience in the now.

So it all starts with everybody worldviews or mindset (upper left). About myself, the team, the organisation and the role in the world. So that's why we at GROWTH POSITIVE always start with the mindshift and unleash its self transforming capacity, creativity, it's neuroplasticity to learn, it´s connection to the heart and the body. If we shift our minds to the best possible versions of ourselves we shift our behaviour, we shift our culture and then this results and impacts the society. Second we add the ability to access sustainable peak performance where we are able to use the power of flow to focus longer, learn faster and feel better. Then we decode the culture and recode it to move to the next level of a more decentral self-leading culture to cope better with variety, complexity and flexibility. The normative frame, the governance, the structure and the desired impact is the last to adapt but necessary to give form and borders to the new mindsets, behavior and culture. All this will impact our results. We will work not only for profits anymore but will provide reasonable more value to our employees, to the clients, to the society having the planet in mind. Simply said: good profit follows purpose. This four quadrants enable us the see always the parts, the whole, the interconnection and lets us define where to unlock the transformation code.


In all quadrants we work with scientists, masters and experts using the latest research to back up all our advice, frameworks and facilitations, knowing that there is always new to learn.

You want to know more about our sciences and start to shift your mind towards your best version start with a keynote