We partner with leaders and organisations to master their transformational growth challenges by shifting mindsets from survive to thrive.

For leaders & organisations


We transform businesses
by growing people
We deliver solutions for transformational growth challenges executed in sprints and fast learning loops, facilitated by curated master facilitators, grounded in and measured with science.
For individuals & organisations


We accelerate the leader’s
human and professional capacity
We train and coach leaders, organisations 
and individuals in masterclasses, seminars & learning journeys with immersive settings, online training and learning communities, to become a more conscious and future ready leader.
For curious minds & organisations


We inspire and upgrade mindsets
with a new leadership grammar
With our 45-120 minute keynotes or half day interventions we shift minds from new perspectives, enrich inner maps based on latest neurosciences, adult development and behavioural design starting to thrive to their next level.

Where we are different

You cannot change people by dictation,
but fortunately the latest neuroscience and developmental psychology tells us exactly
how we can enable them to grow from within to change themselves to humanize
business and solve their transformational growth challenges:

From Machines
to Humans

Successful transformation is not done by software
but the people´s ability to overcome fear
and switch their mindsets from survive to thrive.
So we unleash the organisations human
potential and capacity by...
  • ... accessing high flow states to turn stress into motivation.

  • ... helping to overcome fear and anxiety by opening up to new perspectives.

  • ... enriching inner maps to strengthening self awareness and their true self authority.

  • ... re-connecting them to their values and purpose self authoring a new narrative.

  • ... De- and re-coding their autopilot to unlock their transformation code.

  • ... embodying the best versions of themselves as a human, a people positive leader and complexity conscious organisation.

Not by talking about it or having huge technology investments.

So we assembled a european collective of established transformation architects, change masters, behavioral designers, executive coaches, listeners, storytellers, and innovators working at the intersection of  neuro-, flow- and behavioural sciences, developmental psychology, mind technologies and transformational leadership curating and solving our clients challenges from a holistic multiperspectival point of view as a partner in success.

Not selling many junior days having just one single point of view.

From Single- to Multiperspectives

Complex new-world-problems cannot be solved
by one single point of view or one profession
with old thinking.

Our differentiation at a glance: