we will offer mindshifting seminars, classes & trainings for CEO`s, entrepreneurs, leaders, executive teams, innovators, strategy and HR heads or curious minds who want to grow, find meaning and lead more conscious and purposeful in this exponential world.

For individuals or taylormade „Inhouse“ for organisations
who want really to level up and are committed to betterment.

Become a future ready transformational leader

A post-conventional leadership curriculum unleashing a new mindset for more sustainable peak performance, meaningful growth and purposeful transformations.

Do you lead in a transformation and want to level up?

Do you feel stuck, not in sync to the complex ever changing world right now? You are in search of meaning and significance? Tired of not solving new problems with old beliefs and frameworks? You want an Mindset upgrade to lead more complexity conscious and people positive?

Here is a new opportunity for you to become the future ready leader in organisation:

New 21st century problems cannot be solved with current mindsets based on old thinking. What we need to thrive is an upgrade of our mindset and a more conscious operating system fitting the complexity and uncertainty of this ever changing world.

To facilitate this next level of leadership we created MINDSHIFT:
Europe’s unique post-conventional training- and coaching program enabling leaders to switch from survive to thrive by

Upgrading Mindsets: You will learn to lead with more choice with inner authority enriched with inner maps and mental models using new perspectives of the neuroscience and psychology of development to float more and steer less.

Accelerating Peak Performance: You get to know your flow triggers to turn stress into more performance or 300% more productivity and 500% more creativity with more well being by applying the secrets of Silicon Valley CEO`s, olympians and professional sport teams of based on flow sciences.

Becoming more People Positive: You will practise how to open up, to connect and start to listening non-judgemental to people's needs fostering a more purpose driven culture everybody wants belong to with new collective insight practises.

This is for you, if...

you are a CEO, entrepreneur, leader, executive team or just a curious mind committed to betterment and being more at the leading edge

you are more interested what you don‘t know than in what you already know.

you are ready to invest just 1 or 2 days to get a first practical infusion of the latest research at the intersection of neuro-, peak performance- and developmental sciences and adaptive leadership.

you are taking in consideration to make optional a commitment for 12 weeks of weekly online coaching and deepening content to make sure you will level up.

What will you have achieved afterwards (if you do the work):

You will stop having fear of change or leading by fear and power, you will

1. be able to lead more egoless, get more out of your day, with more well being and better recovery.

2. learn to focus and to calm your nervous system before or to perform in difficult situations.

3. surf easily on paradoxes like being good and earning good money or disrupting a existing business model while running it.

4. be trained to play and adapt your leadership style without effort to any situation because you know to access higher and richer states of consciousness.

5. know how to turn followers into belonging self leaders by connecting them to a shared and co created purpose.

6. have a set of evidence based maps, protocols and transformational frameworks you can apply to yourself, your team or your organisation to get unstuck and thrive.

7. get access to neurofeedback self tracking tools to embody and sustain the change you want to see within you and your organisation.

8. be more than just an executive. You will become a grown human leader

9. Start to lead and service people by example and more humility

10. be part of a collective of like minded people who want to shape the evolution of business and society and not staying behind.

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Maximising creative potential, playing next level.

Are you stressed and overwhelmed or your company needs revitalisation?
Or the underperformance and lack of motivation in your company is limiting your success?
You want to unleash your full potential performing your best and feeling your best?

Here is what will help:

A flow-science-based executive training to maximize each team members performance potential,
scale leadership impact & create moonshot organizations.

The science behind Flow:

Improves Performance in every domain of human work & creativity
Higher Focus and drive of attention on the important
Accelerated learning & skill development
Increased enjoyment & creativity
Positive cognitive response to stress - Harnessing eustress

This is for you, if...

you are a CEO, leader, entrepreneur, leading-edge mind or an executive team / high performance organization.

you seek to drastically increase performance, creativity, focus and overall wellbeing

you are an open-minded individual ready to experience extraordinary training protocols & methods to access, create & lead from higher states.

you are ready to invest 1-2 days in order to access the latest research at the intersection of flow-, neuro- & peak-performance sciences and adaptive leadership.

you are willing to make sustainable changes in your day to day life to experience the immediate & long-term benefits. (We actively discourage bliss-seekers)


2 Day Immersive + 8 Weeks Online Integration

I) Access the secret protocols of Silicon Valley leaders,maverik scientists & elite athletes to explore the upper reaches of human performance.

II) Apply science-based training methods to accelerate your output, acquire new skills rapidly, heighten your creativity, and be ready to face the challenges of tomorrow.

III) Eliminate workplace induced stress,constant distractions,disengagement and burn out syndrome organization-wide.

2 Day Live Immersion

Day 1


  • Neuropsychology & Neurophysiology of flow states
  • Peak Performance Triggers
  • Performance Priming


  • Respiration for state creation
  • Trusted Leadership
  • Accentuate the Shadow


  • Micro Extatic Practise

Day 2


  • The evolving self
  • Drama to Development
  • Wicked Problems & Solutions


  • Immunity to change
  • Hedonic Engineering

8 Weeks Online Integration

(participate from anywhere and anytime)

8 week

8 week online curriculum & weekly missions

Build to establish high performance habits for permanent identity-level change.

8 x 60minute

8 x 60minute live fireside chats

Customized on your organizational needs and our extensive test results collected before and in the 2 day live immersion.

Coaching Access

Coaching Access to Certified Trainers

Be in direct contact with our certified peak-performance trainers guiding you through individual  challenges and use our science-based training tools to receive pulse feedback & accountability partners.

Extended Flow

Extended Flow Performance Recourse Library

Access and deep dives into evidence-based protocols, video material and reading lists of top-ranked institutions like Harvard, Cambridge, Stanford, DARPA including examples of high performance individuals.

Lifetime Community

Lifetime Community Access

Direct contact to your local & global community, exchange with like-minded individuals ensuring that you apply what you learn, including access to community events, panels, hosted conversations & webinars.

What will you have achieved afterwards (if you do the work):

Heightened creativity and substantial performance increase

Increased output and overall well-being

Ability to focus on the important and eliminate distractions

Understanding how to struggle more efficiently and recover faster to access more flow in your life

High awareness of the role fear plays in your work and ways to bypass it to create better results

Skill to actively regulate and calm your autonomic nervous system to perform in difficult situations.

Access to higher states of consciousness to adapt your work and leadership style

Fitting evidence-based tools, protocols & frameworks you can apply to yourself, your team or organization in challenging situations

Self-authorship in the way you live, lead & create

Access to a community of like-minded individuals who are a fundamental part for sustainable change & improvement

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You want to do co-create an
INHOUSE-Leadership Development Program
taylormade to your needs?

We can offer new and post conventional lenses and Interventions to your existing Leadership Training with long term effects with clear KPÍs.
Or you just want to have a kind of MINDSHIFT INTENSIVE BOOTCAMP e.g. 3 days offside
 Or a immersive leadership Journey to make some real transformational experiences in the big nature?
You want to have a online training/coaching added to make it stick?

We would love to hear from you .