Europe's only high performance 1 or 2 day training for leaders,
based on the New York Times bestseller book „Stealing-Fire“.

How to access the power of flow
to live and lead from an optimal state of mind

Having good energy and focus is the basis for everything in business. This a executive team or corporate program using the power of flow to turn burnout cultures into high performance cultures with more wellbeing. Learn how to turn stress into more performance, be 500% more productive (Mc Kinsey) , learn 300% faster (Deloitte) and be 290% more creative (Darpa) with the secrets of flow.

In a 1 - 2 days Intervention followed by (optional) online coaching and training frameworks we train you and your executive team to easily trigger an altered state of consciousness. Being in “Flow” you effortlessly feel and perform at your best. You will also learn how to turn stress into productivity, heightened creativity and accelerated learning enabling to switch from victim to self authoring their change, performing better and feeling better.

This unique training is facilitated by 3 of europe´s few peak performance coaches certified by Jamie Wheal (Flow Genome Project) and trained by Steven Kotler. The two leading voices of FLOW sciences and performance.

This is for you, if...

Is your executive team stressed and overwhelmed or your company needs revitalisation?

Do you need more clarity, cognitive freedom and creativity to get unstuck?

The underperformance because of disengagement in your company is limiting your success?

You just want to be more resilient in the next crisis coming up using the techniques of Silicon Valley Leaders, the Navy Seals, Adventure Athletes and Sports Teams?

Or you are r a at the leading egde and want to learn things years before the mainstream starts to think about it.

Warning: This is not for comfort zone lover or bliss seeker.

What you will get.

Leaders Sync: Getting in resonance and listen to you

Set and measure your flow performance baseline.

Understand why flow is the secret of intrinsic motivation, persistence and how to become a more floating company.

Discover the secrets and tools for more peak performance using the power of flow

Discover the secrets and tools for more peak performance using the power of flow

Learn how to turn stress into more performance

Learn to control the states you need to push through and recover more deeply

How to become a self transforming executive team

Unlock the shadow hindering your next level of success

Discover the protocols of accelerated learning and heightened creativity.

How to „switch“ from a blocking bore- and burn out- to a positive  growth-culture?

How to create more group flow?

How to make more sense out of chaos and solve wocked problems

Learn the habit of habits to grow with the flow every day.

Establish a self learning community

A clear flow performance plan to rise to the next level

A taylormade 90-180 day online and offline coaching program to make it stick

„Flow is the process of achieving happiness through control over one's inner life. The optimal state of inner experience is order in consciousness.“

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
„HIGH TRUST companies with compassion for their employeés have 74% less stress, 106% more energy and 50% higher productivity through higher oxytocin levels in their brain“.

Paul J Zak (2017), Harvard Business Review
Enhance your and your executive teams performance and become a leader in flow here.