Becoming an INSPIRED CEO

A one-to-one leadership development journey
facilitated by our master coaches.

How to become a self transforming leader
playing the infinite game

CEO’s, Entrepreneurs and Senior Leaders are often alone in need of unpolitical and qualified feedback to thrive. Some seek for more meaning and significance in their role. Or are leading in transformation and want to switch from fear and power to purpose driven leadership. Or just want to have personalized leading edge development program to become the future ready leaders in their organisations.

So we created a integral coaching and training program which can be taylormade to any leaders situation. Mixing face to face- and online meetings adjusted to the scedule of the leader.
With defining „the BetterYou“ and supporting your journey we secure your step by step learning towards mastery.

We work with you not only as an „executive“ but adressing and unleashing the full human potential within you. It will reduce your „leadership entropy“ leading with fear, power&control and enable you to live and lead more self aware by your inner compass, complexity conscious and guided by values authentically inspiring your people.

This is for you, if...

... You are leading in transformation and want to self author your new narrative?

... Identify your biggest challenges and reframe them into growth opportunities?

... Or just want to check where you are and prepare the next level?

... You know that you cannot change people, but help them grow from within, finding more inner authority, meaning and significance in their work.

... With this leadership development program you will gradually become the best version of yourself courageously inspiring your employees.

What you will get.

Leaders Sync: Getting in resonance and listen to you

Getting to know the states and stages of human and leaders development

Understand what a „self transforming leader“ is and why it eases your life.

Reflect on and define your baseline with our 360 Transformational Leader -Matrix (Mind, Performance, Culture and Impact)

Connect to your higher purpose and play your infinite leadership game from there

  • How to access flow states to turn stress into performance, calm the nervous system, stay focussed and recover more deeply
  • How to become „infinite“ and solve complex problems from new perspectives
  • Become more complexity conscious and people positive
  • How to be more resilient using the power of flow
  • How to be a more self aware and trusted leader
  • How to create your new leaders narrative from your inner authority
  • How to play with your ego using your shadow self to decide sharper, be more creative and learn faster.
  • How to lead from the future not by fear and power
  • How to turn disengaged employees into self leaders to distribute leadership
  • How to decode your cultures autopilot, recode it from survive to thrive
  • How to step and lead into the unknown
  • A 90-180 day personal transformational practise plan to make it stick
  • A personal and online coaching plan to become the best version you want to be.
  • Find meaning and re-write your leaders narrative with us.

Co-creating the betterYou - using your shadow : fully empowered, owned and embodied

Deep Dive into our transformational blueprint tools and practises, e.g.:

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