A Leadership Development Program for companies
to enable everybody to become a leader

How to let your employees grow into co-creators
that adapt easily to complex environments

The dawn of the „Super-CEO“ or manager all knowing has begun. Successful companies distribute their leadership to all levels to adapt and learn faster. This program takes care and empowers the leaders and employees what is needed in this new culture and avoids anxiety or depression: Thrive mindsets, novelty focus, open heartedness, inner authority and resilience and a good connection advancing to shared values and purpose.

So we created experimental framework from 3-12 months for companies to let their leaders and employees learn & grow. It enables your top management to distribute leadership by empowering your people to develop more inner authority, curiosity, openness, meaning making and wellbeing - advancing to shared purpose and values.

This is for you, if...

... you want to delegate and distribute decisions but your followers are not ready to lead from within?

... you want to create a self organisational customer centric leadership culture and want to go beyond agility and design thinking methods?

... you want to co-create a admired place to work?

What you will get.

Baseline check of the states, stages of leadership and the capacity and competence.

Decode your cultural and leaders autopilot to set the perfect points to switch towards progress and overcome the immunity to change

Open up and connect your employees, Leader´s and team towards a shared purpose and values

Individually designed Self Leaders Program with daily and weekly action based on radical responsibility

Discover the secrets and tools for more SELF LEADERSHIP

Learn how to turn stress into more performance

Learn to control the states you need to push through and recover more deeply.

How to become a self transforming executive team

Unlock the shadow hindering your next level of success

Discover the protocols of accelerated learning and heightened creativity.

How to „switch“ from a blocking bore- and burn out- to a positive growth-culture?

How to create more group flow?

How to make more sense out of chaos and solve wicked problems

Learn the habit of habits to grow with the flow every day.

Establish a self learning community

Inspiring coaching and training frameworks to perform and feel better and prepare for growth

Personal and online coaching applied to each top leaders needs

Start to distribute your leadership!