Initiate the MINDSHIFT

A mind-shifting keynote or one day executive team-workshop
based on latest neuro- and complexity science

How to upgrade your leadership mindset
- from ‘survive’ to ‘thrive’

Think you know digital transformation or overwhelmed in complexity? Go beyond and initiate your next level by our unconventional provoking thoughts, new lenses and frameworks based on the latest research in neuroscience and adult develepment.
Initiate the MINDSHIFT - keynotes or workshops provide a new grammar for leadership is needed to understand the new business realities and sync leaders to master the next turn in 21st century business. Remember: Problems cannot be solved with the same mindset that created them.
To stop struggling mentally and emotionally and reducing anxieties to change in organisations we are adding new perspectives of the hidden patterns of corporate evolution and talk about higher level of consciousness.
Giving you the latest insights from neurosciences we help you to get an idea how to overcome the „fear control“-management style, calming the nervous system shifting towards open- and playfulness to lead more courageously with an inner compass and make more sense in this exponential world.
Based on scientific insights you get an idea how to upgrade your mindset and corporate OS (operating system) from within to let you and your company thrive balancing purpose with profit.

This is for you, if...

... you or your leadership team is stuck in complexity or bored by the conventional „DIGITAL DISRUPTION IS HERE“ business speakers providing to simplistic receipts for a complex world?

... you feel that in the future there is more needed to be successful than AI, Robotics, Agility and Design Thinking?

... you are interested in the next level of human development in business? know that you cannot change people, but help them grow from within, finding more inner authority, meaning and significance in their work.

... you want to stop the fear, depressions and reduce the emotional costs of this transformation?

... you just want to stay ahead in competition.

You will get to know:

The third wave: discover the major shifts behind the great acceleration

How to upgrade mindsets easily from neuroscience point of view and stop the mental and emotional costs of this transformations

How to overcome fear and control to float more and steer less

What is the new leadership grammar we need to create loyal selfie leaders - and peak performance teams in post money worlds?

How you can lead more complexity conscious and people positive.

The GROWTH POSITIVE blueprint how to unlock the transformation code in your organisation and yourself to be ahead.

Taylormade coaching and training frame to stick to the process

Start to become a next generation leader

... with a „self transforming mind“ now and inquire your MINDSHIFT-keynote or half/one day workshop here.
(facilitated in english or german)