A leadership mindset and skill accelerator
for the next generation leaders.

How to X-fold your leadership capacity
the fast and actionable way

Start Ups are often 10 folding their economic growth in year or at least aspire to do it. How young founders can cope internally with this chaotic growth and help their employees to make sense out of the chaos?

In our“ LeaderSHIFT for Start Ups“ accelerator we focus after baselining the status of and human growth capabilities on Leadership sprints.
There we tackle the day to day needs in leading a chaotic startups, balancing the investors pressure, the needed growth and making losses every month and still having to perform and staying healthy
We combine immersive settings, with face to face coaching with onlinetrainings and learning communities to do it fast, deep and make it stick.

This is for you, if...

... You are a young leadership team which want to x-fold their management competencies like their companies growth?

... You want to combine existing wisdom with youth power?peak performance with more wellbeing, floating more and steering less.

… You want to upgrade the whole leadership team in and agile and actionable way using the latest neurosciences, behavioral design and adaptive leadership know how.

What you will get.

Baseline: Know where you and your are and what to work on in being a great leader

A made to measure training and coaching program based where your pains and needs are

Learn how to turn stress into performance with the power of flow

Get access to master coaches helping you on your personal hero's journey to grow with more authenticity and by inner choice.

Implement a agile leadership sprint concept to grow weekly

This program is mentored by:
Susanna Wieseneder, Staffan Akerblom and others

Start to to balance the inner with the outer growth.
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