Re-Code your Culture

Get your cultural change really done applying the simple secrets
of the latest neuro- and behavioral sciences.

How to unlock your transformation code
liberating creativity and productivity

Change by reorg-chart or dictation doesn't work. Organisations and teams function like humans in an unconscious „autopilot mode“. If you want to change or transform you have to objectify it, see the codes running yourself.
Based on neuroscience we create safe settings and go beyond 3D with VR, breathing and mindfulness exercises to start controlling, authoring and changing ourselves not live happening to us.
On the other hand we apply the simple but powerful rules of behavioral design and co-creative experiments within in organisation to de-code the hidden rules and find out where to pull or push to get unstuck, to create movement and followership for transformation or better performance and creativity for growth.
Based on that real baseline we create prototypes and learning loops and communities to create the change from within by doing it mindfully,not talking about it.

This is for you, if...

... you want to get unstuck, overcome fear and start to offboard to your desired mission or business model?

... you want to leap to the next level by co-creation not by dictation?

... you tried it often with classic change-management attitude and it failed?

... you want to unlock your unconscious companies transformation code to thrive?

Then this experimental and actionabler approach will be your fasttrack to thrive.

What you will get.

A deep understanding how humans can change from within by overcoming fear and level up pulling the right triggers.

Understand the behavioural principles behind change and apply it to your context

Evidence based map to decode and recode your culture to thrive

Understand and define your culture patterns and identity builders and keep them

Opening up the leaders, executive teams to new perspectives, making more sense out of chaos and freedom of choices mastering new growth experiments and frameworks engaging employees to co-create

Clear pilot actions to start the transformational learning

Effective coaching and training frameworks and communities to stick to the journey

Your master coaches and executive consultants for this module are:
Gerhard Fehr, Achim Feige

Start to decode and recode your cultural autopilot now!