Re-Thinking HR

A leadership and culture change program combining
peak performance with more wellbeing.

How to marry HR’s grow and wellbeing goals
with the productivity demands of a CEO

Often HR is put into the corner of victimising the employees and over-caring without business impact. Or „rational managers“ sit in moving post it-sessions thinking when can get to real work again“.
On the other hand CEO‘s claim in „town halls“ that the people are the most important resource, but fighting with low engagement, immunity to change and anxieties in thier organisations.
To bridge that most expensive waste of growth potential we offer frameworks in which we help leader and their employees to open up, grow up and show up in a new way starting to increase their performance at the next day.

This is for you, if...

... you want to unleash the performance and productivity through more wellbeing.

... you are an HR Manager who is fed up with non resulting change workshops just victimizing the employees.

... you want to becoming a strong voice on the leaders table
because HR influences the bottom line while improving the companies health.

What you will get.

Baselining the Gap between HR and the CEO and clear goals of change

Setting a new mindset and role of HR from caring to more learn and grow

Co-creating a feedback system of commitment, self leadership to walk the talk

Setting a transformational sprint framework and one pilot to start

Setting a monitoring to celebrate successes and learn

Implementing communities of experiential learning and growing

Special Services:

As you see we are not a „one-size-fits-all-consultancy“. After a good and deep discussion we can exclusively design your way into the world of GROWTH POSITIVE designing a set or setting which fits to your wishes, problems and growth needs.

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