A program to inherit the spirit, a value based culture
and business model to the next generation, world wide.

How to get the transformation done
by keeping the values but re-inventing everything else

Family Businesses are the real powerhouse and backbone of the countries wealth and societies. They are often sustainable by nature, because they are build for generations and not for quartal reports.
But often their family dynamics or the inability to find and support a successor kills some great century long stories. Or they are facing the need to implement their family values to other culture from China to USA.
With our experienced coaches of „Big Patriarchs in Transition“ or experts in family governance and „Non-McKinsey BCG-Style“ authentic consultants we will be able support the transformation of the whole system on the family, company and leaders level. We know it is not easy but it is possible.

This is for you, if...

... You want to hand your company ready for the next generation and want to keep the family spirit or revitalise it worldwide?

... You want to co-create with the young leaders a inspiring mission 2025 to make sense and define a successful business model for it?

... You want to do this with experienced family business consultants and facilitators?

What you will get.

Personal Family Advisor in Transition

Experiments and frameworks engaging Family Owner, Managers Employees to co-create their change

Evidence based transformation map and architecture

A new narrative, updated mindsets advancing towards a shared purpose and leaders guided by values

Clear pilots action to start the transformation

Monitoring and steering the process with clear KPI’s

Taylormade coaching and training frame to stick to the process

This program is mentored by:
Prof. Arnold Weissman, Susanna Wieseneder, and Achim Feige

Get your company ready for the next generation
and get know your family advisors.